Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I'm back! It seems like forever since I've written on here so this post may be quite lengthy...
So I have finished my degree and I am delighted to share that I received a First Class Honours!!

In the past few months I have completed my degree showing my collection both at Bradford College and New Designers in London :) 
The images below show the hanging of my collection at Bradford Colleges Degree show. Each piece was suspended on monofilament taking advantage of the 3D space so that  samples could be viewed from all around. It was tiring work and a lot of going up and down ladders to obtain the right heights, but the final installation looked great and I received positive feedback from visitors.


The following images are from my visit to New Designers. It was a fantastic experience although I did not receive as much response as I had hoped. It was a great atmosphere to be in and I met some amazing characters during my stay there.


I am now actively seeking work and am due to graduate December 2015. I have been keeping myself busy during the summer period with home projects and the making of Christmas gifts.


Friday, 5 June 2015

Preparations are  under way for the upcoming graduate showcase here at Bradford college! My gallery space is undergoing a new lick  of paint ready for display! My samples are getting a last minute hem and edge finishing but I couldn't  bear to part with these edge 'scraps' ... perhaps they will come in useful somewhere? 
Keep next Saturday 13th June free in your diary to come and explore Bradford college and the wonderful graduate creations from across the arts. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

In love with this accidental orange added to my palette!
Had a photo shoot of my samples earlier this week which was a great experience that captured amazing detail. Currently focusing on finishing samples with embroidery and deciding which ones are to be a part of my final collection. Also looking to order my business  cards and postcards this week... Very exciting!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A look at how my designs are coming together... Feeling very happy and excited for the end of year show and New Designers in just over a months time!! Will be posting dates up soon if anybody wanted to come see mine and fellow graduates work.

Digital print onto silk viscose satin with devore


Embroidery onto silk viscose satin


Mono prints created today
. Procion with salt


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fabric manipulation. Mock up dress front as part of my making techniques for products module. This is the silk chiffon crinkle fabric tat I adore so much. This dress front will compliment my samples as a suggested end use for the fabrics I have produced throughout my collection. I enjoyed creating this piece and seeing my fabrics work on the body. The ruffles compliment the bodies shape and conform to my aesthetic design concept. The falling ruffles and drape are reminiscent of descending water and move with the body creating the asymmetrical design shown.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My collection is progressing speedily as I enter the final few weeks of my degree! I am excitedly awaiting digital prints based on the below designs and I have begun to add much needed sparkle to my samples.

Close up  of embroidery design using aqua chiffon, seed beads and sequins on devore silk viscose.

Mono print on silk crinkle as part of my making products module.

Mono print onto interfacing to be used as a layer.

Earlier design development mark making techniques edited for digital printing on devore silk.

Photographs of previous mono prints onto silk edited in CAD.

Mono print onto silk and edited in CAD for digital printing.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

 Mono print onto silk viscose satin, tie-dyed and devore printed. All the different processes make this sample stunning and work harmoniously together. The sheer finish to the fabric really makes a difference on colour quality and adds vibrancy. I am beginning to drape and pin samples onto mannequins to look at design placement and discover ideas for the placement of fabric manipulation.